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Adventure / In Utah / Photography

Saturday we decided we wanted to just get away from everything for a bit, so we packed up the PT and drove down to Canyonlands. It was a quick trip —from about 5pm Saturday to 12pm Sunday and we didn’t actually even camp —just folded the seats down and slept in the car. Our neighbors thought we were crazy when they saw us come back so soon but there is something so majestic about watching […]

Fourth of July Weekend

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Adventure / In Utah

The Fourth of July is a big deal in Provo—like, probably a bigger deal than Christmas. There are a bunch of events put on by the Freedom Festival that go on throughout the week of the fourth and it’s created quite a few of my family traditions. Though Aaron has lived in Provo for about four years, he’s never been in town for the fourth and while I was excited to show him all the cools […]