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343 West / Interior

When people asked what color I wanted to paint the walls and I told them white, I got a lot of weird looks.  “Now you have the chance, why don’t you do something cool?” “Won’t that make it just look like a rental?” The answer is no. Contrary to popular belief, rentals are not white. They are beige. Awful, bandaid beige. I have dreamed of having white walls for years. I think they’re beautiful, fresh, […]

Refinishing the Floors Part III: Dust and Polyurethane

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343 West / Projects

After days of sanding we finally got all of the paint off the floor and the scrapes were looking as good as they were going to get, so we decided it was time to move forward. While we were researching this process I had in my mind two steps that were going to go down—sanding, and putting down the poly. I was sorely mistaken, however, because dust removal is no joke and deserves to be a step all […]

Refinishing the Floors Part II: Sanding

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343 West / Interior

Before we started this project I envisioned the floors getting sanded and looking like they were brand new again, but after hours and hours of sanding I came to the realization that this was not going to be the case. Wood floors can be sanded down and reborn in many ways, but there is a point, that if passed, they will never look new again. Our floors probably passed this point ten years ago. No matter how much I sanded, and […]

Refinishing the Floors Part I: Prepping

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343 West / Interior

Before we even signed the contract we knew the first thing we would have to redo would be the wood floors. The lady we bought the house from is highly allergic to the polyurethane used to seal hardwood floors and can’t be around a floor that has been refinished for several weeks after the work is done. Because of this, floors in our house haven’t been refinished in more than 20 years. Over time as the sealant wore […]

The Official Before Photos

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343 West / before

I never understood why the before photos are always so terrible when you read Before and After posts. They have bad lighting, things aren’t staged well, the resolution is poor. I always thought it was to try and bias the audience to think the after was that much more amazing, but I realize now that the before photos are terrible because at that point you really just don’t care about taking before photos. It’s late at night, you […]

Leaving The Ugli Behind

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343 West / Exterior

Well, we’ve done it. We told the rental market to suck it and bought ourselves a house. Goodbye landlords, goodbye tossing our money down the drain each month, goodbye ridiculous rental rules. When we first started thinking about buying a house it seemed crazy. No way we’re old enough to own a house! But, as we started to scan the market, we realized that a house payment would be about the same as our monthly rent right now. […]