The Almost Finished Kitchen Reveal

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343 West / Interior

This is not really how I had imagined the final reveal happening because technically it isn’t completely finished and technically we aren’t even living in our house anymore. When we first decided to renovate our kitchen and laundry room we had a pretty solid life plan for the next few years, but then midway into our renovation that plan changed and we decided to move. Now we are renting our house out to some friends who we know will take good care of it while we live in an apartment in Boston.

As I write this I’m two time zones away from 343 West in a basement apartment with brown shag carpet and no dishwasher (again!) while our renters are enjoying our new gas range, quartz countertops, and herringbone tile floor. (also, I just need to say it somewhere, our apartment costs DOUBLE what our house does!) Like I said, not really what I was imagining, but I suppose life sometimes happens differently than you plan for and being in Boston is something we’re very excited about, but we’ll talk more about that later.

We had our Penske truck all loaded up, and our keys handed over to our renters who had already started to move in, and we were about to drive away when I remembered we didn’t have any photos so I ran in to take a few before we left. There are still a few last touches that need to happen like putting the hardware on the cabinets and painting the trim that TJ is going to do for us, and I never did get to put up my fabulous mural wallpaper in the laundry room, but otherwise it looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself.


A vent hood that vents outside?!?! And over a gas range?! I die.


Woo doggie, look at that farmhouse sink. And a dishwasher! And no more awkward corner cabinets!


All those cupboards around the fridge are filled with drawers making our pantry approximately 17,852 times bigger than it was previously.



A space that perfectly fits my oblong marble table and bentwood bench.


I held onto this light fixture for ten months before hanging it. I love that smoked glass, even if we did have to hang it a bit high for traffic.

And if you need a subtle reminder about what our kitchen used to look like or want to see some of the process:

The Official Before Photos

Inspiration and Planning

The Nitty Gritty

Herringbone Floor and New Appliances

Cabinets and Countertops

So there you have it. All that hard work did actually pay off. Stay tuned for more about our new adventure in Boston!

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