Introducing The Kitchen/Laundry Room Renovation

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This is standing in the doorway to the living room. (please excuse the sander, I took this while we were refinishing our floors in the rest of the house.)

Currently our kitchen is a strange hodge-podge of peel and stick vinyl tiles stuck on top of bubbling linoleum, awkward and hard to reach cabinets, and a really weird floor plan that doesn’t really make any sense. It’s ugly, it’s inefficient, and from the moment we moved in I’ve been dreaming about the day we would get to rip out all the ugli and make something fabulous. Ladies and gentlemen, that day has finally arrived and I am dying I’m so excited.

Ever since we bought our house a year and a half ago we’ve been making slow but, uh, steady progress on things. This renovation, however, will be the biggest change we’ve attempted yet and I’m excited to see the new life it will breath into our home. After months and months of saving our moolah and figuring out a plan of what we actually want it to be like, we are ready to get started!

Below, for your viewing pleasure, are some of the before photos of our kitchen so you can see how far it will come by the time we are finished with everything. I plan to post about our process as we go, so stay tuned!


This is standing next to the back door looking into the kitchen (look at that nice walkway between the fridge and range!)


This is standing next to the sink looking toward the living room. That green wall with the frames on it is a closet in the living room, and we are going to remove it to allow us more space for cabinets and the fridge.


This is standing in the far end of the laundry area looking towards the back door. The opening to the kitchen is on the left. (we had removed the dryer from the room before I took this picture)


This is standing next to the back door looking into the laundry area. The door on the left goes into our bedroom.


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