Utah Fashion Week Spring 2016

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Last fall when I decided to do the Utah Fashion Week Show I was still sort of on the fence about if I really wanted to do it. I had an idea I was slowly working on, but I didn’t feel the motivation I normally do and I considered maybe dropping out because the time and energy it takes is quite substantial, and my inspiration wasn’t really there. Then, over Christmas break we went to Europe and we visited the fashion museum in Bath and left with inspiration running out my ears, so as soon as I got back in January I changed my idea and got to work for the show at the end of February.

I mentioned this in my last post about the fashion museum, but as I looked at clothing from different eras of history I was so impressed at how girly things used to be. They had lace, bows, ruffles, beads and ribbons and all sorts of really feminine embellishments covering every inch and they didn’t even care it was maybe over the top. I found it really whimsical and ran with that for my line. I decided to make a line that was really playful and fun, but modernize it by having each piece having one area of intricate detailing that was girly and fun while choosing some pretty bold colors.

Also let’s just pause for a moment and talk about how absolutely invaluable Makayla and Alicia were to this show.  They were the most fantastic HMUA team ever and I still can’t believe I lucked out and got them to help me. I told them my basic idea for the gowns and they designed the perfect looks to go with my theme that really just made everything come together so well. These girls have mad skills!IMG_5889IMG_5902

Also, special thanks to everyone involved in making this. The UFW team really knows how to put together an amazing show, all the photographers who come to document make everyone’s work look so good. Seriously, so many talented people come together for this event and make it a lot of fun to participate in.

Now on to the looks!

This first dress, worn by Emme Franks, was actually my final dress in the show. Saffron was a popular color during Georgian times, and I think it is simply gorgeous. This gown uses 14 yards of raw silk, has a more that complete circle skirt because of the pleats,  and we ended up making a hoop skirt to go under it because I couldn’t find a crinoline that would be long enough for my 6ft tall model. I think I would add a bit of crinoline under there in the future, but it worked okay for the show.


The sleeves on this were inspired a bit by the sleeves on my wedding dress because I really wanted to do something sparkly and beaded for them and I think they turned out great. Sewing those little beads on took forever though. A lot of people commented how she looked like Belle, which I hadn’t really thought of, but I guess she does. A yellow ball gown will do that.
www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product Photographer

This pink lace gown worn by Dru Franks actually took the longest to make out of all of them, which is surprising, because it looks comparatively simple. It’s got a soft pink lace with raspberry velvet ribbon detailing, and then there are raspberry pearls sewn onto either side of the ribbon. The ribbon is more purplish than magenta in real life than it looks in these images.

www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product Photographer

Sewing those beads on by hand took forever, which is ironic because you can barely even see them really. I liked the texture it added though, so we persevered through it. Aaron helped quite a bit with that part. I think there ended up being about 25 yards of beads on this dress.
www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product Photographer

I think this pink and blue dress worn by Megan Stevens ended up being my favorite thing in the show. The blue velvet ribbon was such a rich and gorgeous color and I think it paired beautifully with the pink flower embellishments on the floral organza.
www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product Photographer

I spend a lot of time putting those sleeves on then taking them off again, but in the end I decided I loved how flouncy they were.
www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product PhotographerThis green dress worn by Felicia Soth I had actually already made for an earlier show, but it fit in nicely with this theme, and is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made so I decided to add it in. I remade part of it because I had done some weird construction things the first time around because I was in a rush. So now it’s even better!


The texture of the netting overdress paired with the Art Nouveau pattern appliqués which were lasercut, added some intricate detailing I’m in love with.
www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product Photographer

This red dress, worn by Jamie Johnson, was also made from the same raw silk as the saffron gown, and I am equally in love with this color. www.JescaCluff.com Utah Commercial Beauty & Product PhotographerRedLight

On the flutter sleeves, which were made out of silk charmeuse, I had laser cut flower appliqués as well that were probably my favorite bit of detailing from this line.


My team was so awesome, and it made for a really fun night.


Show photos by  Jesca Cluff (watermarked) and Natalie Crofts for KSL (non water marked)
Hair by Alicia Troché — Instagram: @hair_by_cherie
Makeup by Makayla Plock — Instagram: @makplockbeauty

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