Bath, NYE, and Saying Goodbye To Europe.

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BathEven though Bath didn’t work out for Christmas we really wanted to visit at some point on our trip, so after leaving Paris we took a train straight there. Besides Harry Potter World, Bath was my favorite place we visited on this trip and if I were to go back I might even skip London and come here because it was just perfect. The streets were small and winding with colorful shops, the countryside surrounding the city was beautiful and it maintained the perfect balance between quaint small-town feel and there still being lots of interesting things to do.

Everything in Bath is built from the same cream colored stone from a nearby quarry that really made me feel like everything was too beautiful to be true. It seemed like someone had come in and built the city in one fell swoop and it couldn’t really be real because it was too picturesque. I’m looking through my photos and I have very few from our time in bath, but everything we saw was just really beautiful. IMG_3788

My favorite thing we did in Bath was go to the fashion museum. It was just this little gallery in the basement of some government building, but it was incredible! The collection on display was no Louvre, but they had a great sampling from a lot of different eras, and I was just thunderstruck at some of the detail on those clothes. Clothing is such a beautiful art. The inspiration for the line I showed at Utah Fashion week came from this museum and how fun these clothes were. Many of the clothes we looked at had an attitude just like, bows are pretty let’s put on 14 more! or Yeah! More lace! MORE LACE! I loved how unabashedly girly a lot of the stuff was and the intricacy was mind blowing, especially considering on many of these garments, every single thing was made by hand —fabric, buttons, beads, lace…IMG_3768IMG_3760


All the boxes behind each of these dresses had more dresses in it. I wish we could have seen more!


They had things from all different eras and it was fun to see how styles have changed over the years.IMG_3778IMG_3775  IMG_3781

This was part of “The white dress project” by Alexander McQueen. When they were designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress they made an entire project of white dresses so that no one would know what her dress would be like because everyone was working on white dresses. These were a few of those white dresses.IMG_3774 copy


Sometimes I wish we could just wear these crazy, intricate, beautiful things around everyday, though I suppose not being able to move easily would get old after a while.

After a few lovely days in Bath, we headed back to London for New Year’s Eve and our flight home the following morning. We found this cool 1920’s themed party and bought tickets before we left which I was super stoked about because sparkly dresses! Also, side note—Aaron did the fingerwaves in my hair. I tried really hard but couldn’t get it to look good so he said he would help me and it turned out perfect. I never cease to be amazed by his skills.

IMG_3835 IMG_3840 IMG_3841

They had a live jazz band, the decor of the ballroom was pretty fun, plus I got to wear a sparkly dress and feather jacket. It was the perfect way to end our trip and ring in the New Year.

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