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For Christmas Aaron and I decided we wanted to take a big trip. Our honeymoon was spent in Park City, Utah, which at the time, was the perfect place to go, but we hadn’t really been on a real vacation with just us since getting married three years ago. (now three and a half!) A grand European Adventure seemed like the perfect solution.

After spending a lot of time thinking about where we want to go (everywhere!) We decided on London. I had never been there before, and Aaron had loved it the last time he went. He was right. It was SO MUCH FUN.

I took my Nikon F with about ten rolls of film, plus a new mirrorless camera we got with the intention of documenting this trip in great detail, but when we got there everyone was walking around with selfie sticks and taking photos of every little thing they walked past and I realized I really just wanted to experience the moment rather than photograph it. Consequently my real cameras didn’t get very much use and most photos I got came from my crappy little phone camera. I have one roll of film from the trip I still need to develop that I will share after it gets done. In retrospect, I wish I had more photos (for this post mostly) but I regret nothing about just experiencing the moment with Aaron.


London from the sky

We arrived in london late and spent our first night at a Yotel in the airport. Yotels are these awesome little cube hotels that are actually inside the terminal, which makes it nice when you get off an eleven hour flight and don’t want to navigate London in the middle of the night. We just walked out of security and checked in.

We spent most of our days wandering around, exploring London and talking about things. We thought about filling a schedule with museums and landmarks but decided that what we really wanted to do was find cool shops, look at cool buildings, and hang out in pubs. So that is what we did.


Walking through Hyde Park.

IMG_3338 copy

A Christmas Cracker pop-up shop

IMG_3566 IMG_3569

Having meat pies in pubs!

Having meat pies in pubs that are covered with christmas garlands!


Meat Pies!


Pubs covered in Christmas trees!


They had some sort of festival outside the natural History Museum with ice skating (in 50 degrees) a merry go round, and some cool christmas lights.

Wandering around while everyone was out doing their Christmas shopping was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we were there at this time of year. Pure magic! The only thing that would have made it more magical was snow, but that’s the Utahn in me talking.IMG_3577IMG_3578

One minor hiccup was our hotel. We booked it through hotwire, because we had a good experience with them the last time we went to Vegas but we ended up in the WORST hotel ever. We stayed there for two nights before we decided we’d had enough and I spent two hours in a Starbucks calling Hotwire who kept telling me it was non-refundable. I’m not usually an unhappy customer, but this hotel was totally a joke so I just kept asking for their manager and refused their free credits they kept offering me and two hours later they moved us to a new nicer hotel. ‘Murica: where you can have whatever you want if you stay on the phone long enough. Never planning on using Hotwire again.


Just the lovely view on the landing of spare mattresses. Next to the elevator that didn’t work.

The best place we went during our time in London was this restaurant called The Ivy Kensington Brasserie. We looked through the window as we walked past one day while it was raining, and decided we would come back later for Aaron’s birthday because it looked pretty nice. It was very nice and the food was excellent! Amazing! Delicious! We also had a really great waiter named Rafael from Italy who we talked with for a while and I wish we could have just had him sit and eat with us. If I lived in London I would be a regular. We ended up going back at the end of our trip, right before we went home.

Crispy duck salad

The BEST salad. Crispy duck, ginger dressing and pomegranate seeds. I don’t even like duck.


Happy Birthday Babe.


Lovely Brasserie ambiance.

Stay tuned for the next installment on our trip to Harry Potter Land!

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