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Sometimes when I tell people I designed and made some lines for Provo Fashion Week I get some scoffs and nervous smiles. They can’t get over the idea of there being fashion in Utah, specifically Provo. They think it’s this hilarious joke. I don’t know what to say to those people other than the joke’s on them because their misplaced bias is blinding them to the incredibly talented designers in this area. As I’ve participated in a couple of the PFW shows I’ve been able to meet and see the work of designers in this area and I’m truly astounded by some of it.  I’m so happy I’ve been able to participate in making things alongside these talented people.

In the last year Provo Fashion Week has grown and become Utah Fashion Week with one annual show in the Spring. As part of this shift they just put out their first Utah Fashion Insider Magazine with a bunch of photo stories featuring work of local designers. They did an amazing job with the styling, photography and layouts and you should all take a look (on the computer works better than on a mobile) I was lucky enough to have three of my dresses featured in their articles! You can see the whole magazine at utahfashioninsider.com, but below are some shots featuring of my work.

First we have the Evening Editorial. I just can’t get over the colors in these photos. So beautiful.

_MG_6584_MG_6844_MG_6254 _MG_6218_MG_6966

Evening Editorial: Photography by: Brolin Roney @brolintaylor || Styled by: Natalie Workman @nataliewynndesign || Makeup by: Jessika Luz @jessikaluz and Perla Frida @perlafrida || Hair by: Jessica Taylor @noskpike and Lose Ngata @celestialrose_hairstyle1 || Jewelry by: Katie Waltman @katiewaltman || Janay Marie evening gown @janaymarie on Nadya Cox @nadyacox (gold sequins) || Mary Rino evening gown @lilybridedesigns on Kaitlyn Towner @kaitlynoelle (black backless) || Natalie Wynn evening gown @nataliewynndesign on Haley McLachlan @haleymakail (black w/applique) || Bree Lena evening gown @breelena on Mallory Gifford @mallorygifford (sequin ball gown) || Alexis Puglisi evening gown @lexpuglisi on Jenessa Sheffield @jenessa4 (green)

Then they had this fantastic bridal ballerina shoot with my wedding dress!


Bridal Editorial Credits: Photography by: Elisha Braithwaite (@elishabraith) || Styled by: Natalie Workman and Janay Robison (@nataliewynndesign, @janaymarie) || Flowers by: Margie Keates The Lovely Ave (@thelovelyave) || Makeup by: Jessika Luz (@jessicaluz) || Hair by: Leanna (@prohairbyleanna) || Dress by Natalie Wynn (@nataliewynndesign) on Hilary Wolfley (@hilarywolfley) (polkadot and tulle) || Dress by Alexis Puglisi (@lexpuglisi) on Ariel Wright (@arielsue) || Dress by Janay Marie (@janaymarie) on Janay Robison (@Janaymarie) || Dress by Mary Rino (@lilybridedesigns) on Hilary Wolfley (@hilarywolfley) (silk w/ tulle skirt) || Dress by Nancy Barrus (@aveniabridal) on Ariel Wright (@arielsue) (strapless w/ purple)

And lastly there was this cool ready to wear, night fashion shoot where they used my red leather dress with laser cut detailing.

Night Fashion-50Night Fashion-70Night Fashion-15

Night Editorial Credits: Photography by: Mike Johnson (@endless.photo) || Styled by: Natalie Workman and Janay Robison (@nataliewynndesign, @janaymarie) || Jewelry by: Desert Rose Jewelry (@desertrosejewelry) || Makeup by: Jessika Luz (@jessicaluz) || Hair by: Sierra Miller (@sierrasbeauties) || Meg Ricks (@megricks) in: Zaiya Collection (@zaiyacollection) || Natalie Workman (@nataliewynndesign) in: Alexis Puglisi (@lexpuglisi)

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  1. Hi! Thought I’d stop by to say I really enjoyed going through your post; very cool and interesting (and stylish too!) keep it up!!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love know what you think!
    Keep blogging!


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