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My photo 101 class came to an end the other week. It was pretty fun to work on my own photography skills rather than just always helping other people develop theirs and even though I already knew most of the stuff we talked about in class from my experience teaching Photo I at school, I still learned some valuable stuff and got to see how a real photo class functions in terms of critiquing.

I also noticed that compared to the class I teach, this class was a piece of cake and my high schoolers do significantly more, and more difficult work. I’m still trying to decide if this means my students are getting an excellent education, or if I need to ease up a little bit. Maybe some of both. Overall the class, though not wildly informative, did help me analyze to a greater degree my teaching methods, which was helpful.

And without further ado, here’s my photo final. I decided to do a sort of stylized portrait series of my family. Of course I did it the day before it was due, so Hannah is missing because she was at Youth Conference in Wyoming and was unavailable to be photographed. There’s also two of each Sam, Chris and my mom because I needed ten.

1-Aaron 2-sam1 3-mom1 4-mom 5-Sam 6-chris2 7-Lex1 8-Matisse 9-olivia 10-chris

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