Photo 101

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This last year at school I taught the beginning photo class. I actually have the photo endorsement because most of the qualifications were covered when I worked doing graphic design at BYU, but I’ve never taken a real photo class myself.

I had one video class in my program where we talked about the way cameras function etc, and I feel I have a good grasp on basic principles of design, but there have been a few moments when I’ve been teaching that I’ve had to google things I just have no idea about.

In an effort to become better myself and to have a better understanding of how a photo class should run (because understanding how photography works and teaching a photography class to teenagers are two completely different things) I’ve been taking a class at UVU over the summer. We recently had our midterm project due, where we were supposed to create a mini series that tells a story.

Every minute of every day we experience things, we make choices. Some of these moments are significant, some of them are mundane but they all push us forward in one direction or another, making us into the people we are.

My roots in Provo grow deep. Provo is the only city I’ve ever called home and this place is saturated with the moments that have made up my life experience. This place means a lot to me and as I consider my past and look to the future I see that life changes quickly and everyone in continually moving down their path of experience. I won’t always be here, which is fine, but the things that have happened here will always be with me.


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