Golden Doorknobs

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After the great debacle of the doors our momentum took a sharp nosedive and a lot of our projects went to a standstill. Having to rip out the door frames you just spent hours painting, routing, assembling and installing is rather disheartening and really it wasn’t until I found these little beauties that I even wanted to think about working on the doors again.

photo 4

A lot of people will say brass hardware in your house is soooo 80’s. they may be right but I am in love and I do what I want! These particular knobs are made of solid brass (instead of plated steel) and I love their classic look. We ended up just buying two to start with because they are a bit pricey, and getting the doors on the bedrooms was our top priority because Aaron’s parents were coming to visit us for Christmas, and heaven knows you need doors when the in-laws come to visit!

With a renewed vigor brought on by the shiny brass, we plowed through remaking our door frames and installed them in record time. Thankfully, the second time you do a project you’re not quite such a newbie, and it goes much faster than the first time. We measured correctly and our beautiful new doors went on without a hitch. Then we opened the package of our new doorknobs and got to installing them.

After figuring out the basic mechanics of a doorknob with privacy lock, we chiseled out an area for the plate on both the door and the door frame. (I always knew that set of chisels my wood shop teacher said was vital would one day come in handy…)

photo 1

Brass doorknobs

Beautiful! Shiny! Gold!

Full door

Full door shot. We still need to replace the pocket door on the right.

I’m in love with our doors, and even though they are still not quite finished, they really do make our house look significantly better.Now we just need to put the stopper in the doorframe for when the door closes, and install the trim. Slowly but surely we make progress!

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  1. Shelly says

    The doors look great! And trust me, your in-laws truly appreciated having them hung! So excited to keep seeing the changes that you and Aaron are doing.


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