Month: January 2015

Golden Doorknobs

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343 West / Interior

After the great debacle of the doors our momentum took a sharp nosedive and a lot of our projects went to a standstill. Having to rip out the door frames you just spent hours painting, routing, assembling and installing is rather disheartening and really it wasn’t until I found these little beauties that I even wanted to think about working on the doors again. A lot of people will say brass hardware in your house […]

The Great Door Debacle: In Which Aaron and Lexi Prove Themselves to be NOOBS

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343 West / Interior

Our house came with these terrible wood veneer doors that really just made the entire thing look dated. We figured that changing out the doors in our house would be one of the easiest and least expensive changes we could make that would make a major difference in the overall look of things.¬†Home Depot had a sale on some of their doors and we special ordered these great Craftsman style slabs¬†and got a steal of […]