Leaving The Ugli Behind

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343 West / Exterior


Well, we’ve done it. We told the rental market to suck it and bought ourselves a house. Goodbye landlords, goodbye tossing our money down the drain each month, goodbye ridiculous rental rules.

When we first started thinking about buying a house it seemed crazy. No way we’re old enough to own a house! But, as we started to scan the market, we realized that a house payment would be about the same as our monthly rent right now. Then we learned about the Provo City Home Purchase Plus Program, which would cover all of the downpayment and closing costs and we decided to commit. Buying a house in the Provo Pioneer neighborhoods is no easy feat, most houses are under contract within two days of being listed, but we lucked out and landed the perfect house for us. The process was long and stressful but we’ve (finally) closed and we can’t wait to get started turning this house into our home.

Prepare yourselves, because the Puglisis are official homeowners now and it’s going to be a beautiful thing.

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